At the same time integral to making a room look good and seemingly impossible to clean, in Chicago run the gamut from shiny and beautiful to downright ugly. At FLOORecki LLC, we love all types of stairs and enjoy working with our local customers to transform their interior spaces with new hardwood stairs or refreshing older ones.

In addition to standard repairs and stain guard application, we also perform deep cleans that help to revive your stairs.

Because stairs and flooring are literally our business, we’ve made it a point to be THE stairs specialist in Chicago. When you’re looking to upgrade your flooring to a high quality hardwood, a friendly FLOORecki LLC representative will help you select the right materials, cuts, and design to perfectly fit your space.

Give your hardwood floors in Chicago a new life.

 Call FLOORecki LLC at 773-790-3887 for all your cleaning, polishing, and repairing needs.