Besides the holiday cheer winter can also mean harsh weather conditions that can cause issues for homeowners with hardwood flooring. It’s crucial to take every step necessary to make sure the floors stay in a good shape all year long.


In the winter, water melting from the snow and rock salt can pose a threat to your hardwood floors, as it can scratch and warp the floorboards. To help avoid the issue, use mats at the entranceways and use towels to dry off any spills and puddles.  Water that is left unattended might cause permanent damage that later required refinishing or even replacement. Warping caused by water damage can also dull the varnish and find it’s way to the wood. Dried salt leaves


Wood flooring loses some of its moisture during the winter, when homes are heated the air is dry. Relative humidity levels for the floors should be 35-55%. If it’s lower than recommended, the boards start to shrink creating thin gaps. Luckily, this change is only temporary, after the humidity level rise again the gaps will close up. Prevent the dryness problem by using a humidifier during the wintertime and keeping the temperatures stable.

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