Proper maintenance is essential to keep hardwood floors in tip-top shape! Individual maintenance schedules will slightly vary depending on daily use and wear and tear. To keep hardwood floors looking and performing well for the life expectancy, refer to our recommended guidelines.



Protect your floor investment by setting up cleaning routines’.  Regular floor cleaning involves soft bristle sweeping, vacuuming or dust mopping. The dirt and dust particles are standard elements like clay and sand. Once the particles are scattered around with your or pat’s paw weight they will damage or scratch down the varnish layers that can only be removed by sanding and refinishing.  Eliminating airborne dust and dirt on daily basis will enhance the performance of the floor.


Care for each spill as small amounts of water can cause the hardwood floor to swell and cup over time. Avoid the use of wet or steam mops instead use a cleaner made specifically for the finish on hardwood floors. The steam can dull the finish and damage the hardwood floor. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, for instance, cleans floors effectively; it’s residue free, removes dirt and grime to reveal the beauty of any hardwood floor. Spray the floor directly and go over it with a Microfiber Cleaning Pad- wash in between the rooms to release the captured dirt and reuse so it is only slightly damp.  Avoid using vinegar, soap-based cleaner or wax on hardwood floors.


Preserving hardwood floors with rugs and floor protectors on all furniture is important.  The adhesive felt furniture sliders absorb the dirt and tightly hold on the furniture feet for a long time to avoid scratching the floor. Placing a mat at the outdoor entrance traps the dirt and keeps it out of the house.  For the rugs placed inside the house, use in high trafficking areas (where the wood floor see more wear and tear) and with a non-skid pad that won’t discolor the hardwood floor. Some rug underlayment contains toxins that can eat away at hardwood when it reacts with the floor finish. Felt and rubber underlayment will not degrade the hardwood floors.Lastly, allow some air circulation and place stands for Christmas trees or plants, to avoid leaving a water stain.


Over time, hardwood floors will require a maintenance coat even when taken care of properly. Properly inspect the wood floor to make sure nothing wears through and when it starts to appear scratched or dull consider recoating the floor before it’s too late. It’s a process of removing a top varnish and applying a fresh layer, as mentioned in the previous blog about screening and re-coating. Follow the routine cleaning schedule and our simple guidelines so your hardwood floors can last a lifetime.


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